Cari Covent


Cari Covent is a Technology and Business Executive with a proven track record of using innovation and people focused leadership to drive cultural change and deliver positive results. Having held multiple leadership roles at IBM Canada and Canadian Tire, Cari has earned the reputation of a “builder” and a “connector” and is often sought after to build integrated teams to tackle complex problems or bring business units back on track when facing difficult challenges. As a builder of high performing teams, Cari focuses on balancing employee engagement with the need to deliver strong results with agility and speed. Cari is currently developing and leading an Intelligent Automation practice at Canadian Tire focused on the art and science of engaging and serving customers, employees and suppliers by leveraging Artificial Intelligence technology and a human centered approach. Cari is a passionate advocate for inclusivity and diversity in the workplace and has enjoyed speaking on this topic, participating in the Judy Project, mentoring young women in technology and opportunistically highlighting the biases that exist in the workplace and persistently trying to drive consciousness to them and impact change.